Huangyan Plastic Egg Tray Mould Household Injection Moulds

Our factory specializes in the production of Huangyan Plastic Egg Tray Mould Household Injection Moulds. High-quality and durable molds for your household needs.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Mould Cavity
Single Cavity
Plastic Material
Process Combination Type
Progressive Die
Household Appliances, Furniture, Commodity, Home Use, Transportation
Hot Runner/Cold Runner
Design Software
After-sales Service
Technical Guidance
Mould Name
Plastic Chair Mould
High Precision Tooling Machine
35 Days
Transport Package
Wooden Case
Kelong Mould
HS Code
Production Capacity

Packaging & Delivery

Package Size
50.00cm * 50.00cm * 15.00cm
Package Gross Weight

Product Description

Customized plastic egg tray mould of Difference Sizes Injection Molds
Kelong Mould is a highly reputable and experienced manufacturer of plastic injection molds, specializing in a wide range of products including household molds, furniture molds, and industrial molds. With a commitment to quality, precision, and innovation, we have become a trusted partner for clients worldwide.

Our portfolio includes a diverse range of molds such as chair molds, table molds, bucket molds, basket molds, dustbin molds, storage box molds, baby bathtub molds, flowerpot molds, crate molds, washbasin molds, drawer molds, stool molds, baby set molds, laundry basket molds, pallet molds, trash can molds, spoon molds, knife molds, fork molds, thin wall box molds, and cap molds. Our team of highly skilled technicians and engineers is dedicated to designing and producing molds that meet the most demanding specifications.
Huangyan Plastic Egg Tray Mould Household Injection Moulds Our Egg Tray Mould

PP Egg Tray Moulds
Plastic Egg Tray Moulds
36pcs Egg Tray Moulds
24pcs Egg Tray Moulds
Customized Egg Tray Moulds
Stackable Egg Tray Moulds

Product Parameters



InjectionMould name: Plastic Egg Tray Mould
Number of cavities: 1 cavity
Die steel material:  PP, PC, PS, PVC, ABS
Mould size: 400x400x400mm
Suitable for injection moulding machine: 350T Injection Molding Machine
Hot runner: YUDO/HASCO/Master
Ejection system: Ejector Plate
Mould cycle time: 30-40S
Mould life: One million
Mould lead time: 40-50 days
Huangyan Plastic Egg Tray Mould Household Injection Moulds
Mould Name Plastic Egg Tray Mold Custom Injection Molding Mould
Mold Meterial P20,2738,718H,NAK80,2316,S136,H13,etc
Mold Base Self-made,LKM,DME,ASSAB
Cavity Single/multi
Runner Cold runner and hot runner
Hot Runner Brand INCO, HUSKY,YUDO and so on
Degsin Software UG:Aoto CAD and so on
Mold Life 50-500 million Shots/ 5-6 years, Even in 10 years in good maintenance
T1 Time 45-60 days
Gate Type Pinpoint Gate, Edge Gate, Sub Gate, Film Gate, Valve Gate, Open Gate, etc.
Mould Surface Treatment EDM, texture, high gloss polishing
Quality System ISO9001,SGS,TS16949
HS Code 8480719090
Origin Zhejiang China
Installation fixed
Package Wooden Case
Huangyan Plastic Egg Tray Mould Household Injection Moulds
Huangyan Plastic Egg Tray Mould Household Injection Moulds
Huangyan Plastic Egg Tray Mould Household Injection Moulds
Mould material Hardness Mould life
P20 HRC 28-33 >300,000 shots
718 HRC 33-36 >500,000 shots
H13 HRC >43 >800,000 shots
2344 HRC >48 >800,000 shots
S136 HRC 48-52 >1,000,000 shots

Mould QC

Our QC team will make all their efforts by "Scheme + supervise + prevent + transmit", to be sure that each project comes to successful completion.

1. Mould design control
Kelong can provide product analysis and Mouldflow reports, will feedback to customers about the issue arising on the product drawing, such as the Thin thickness area, shrinkage mark, welting mark, Air vent, undercuts, gate location, gate type, etc. After the design is finished, we'll check on the Mould strength, part line, cooling system, interference area, Thin thickness area, etc. To be sure the drawing provided by Kelong is in excellent status for the longer mould life and work efficiency for customers.
2. Mould material control
Steel suppliers are requested to provide steel quality guarantee certificate and steel certificate, Kelong will do steel inspection before acceptance.
3. Mould Processing quality control
Controlling key procedure quality and managING the project progress according to mold processing documents, we provide weekly progress and quality report to customers.
The mould technician is required to check the Mold appearance, cooling system, mold assemble, process procedures carefully according to Kelong standard and customers standards.
4. Mould spare parts purchasing and control
We'll focus on qualified spare parts to meet customer requirements on standard parts models, standard quality and needed purchase time.
5. Mould assembly control
Physical processing will be undertaken as per the established procedure documents and be inspected relatively, strictly checking on the matching between core, cavity, inserts, guide pillar, return pin, angle lifter, sliders, ejector pin, cooling system, connector, etc.
6. Mould check before shipment
Prepare documents before shipment, such as spare parts list, mold testing video, processing files, 2D/3Ddrawings. For sure we'll pack and ship as per customers' requirements with safety protection for sea and air shipment.

Huangyan Plastic Egg Tray Mould Household Injection Moulds
Huangyan Plastic Egg Tray Mould Household Injection Moulds
Huangyan Plastic Egg Tray Mould Household Injection Moulds
Huangyan Plastic Egg Tray Mould Household Injection Moulds
Huangyan Plastic Egg Tray Mould Household Injection Moulds


Recommended Products

                                              OUR MAIN PRODUCTS


Company Profile


                                                    WHY CHOOSE US?

                                      We have enjoyed rich experience in deal with injection mould and plastic parts.

Kelong R&D Center

Kelong offers a complete design solution, providing customer support at all of a product development cycle. If you have a new idea, we will develop your ideas, exploring innovative solutions from concept sketches, all the way through to a fully engineered and marketable solution.
We have our national R&D studio for plastic industry technology development. Over the past 10 years, Kelong has already gained more than 100 certificates of patents in mold design, mold structure making, plastic components invention, plastic parts functional improvement as well as new inventions of plastic field.
Kelong R&D has achieved solutions like gas assistant plastic molding technologies, water injection plastic molding technologies, high light injection molding, stacking molding, multi-color injection molding, foam injection molding and so on. All these are the latest plastic industry technology in Europe. Therefore, Kelong is ranking the top of Chinese mould makers and gains a unique advantage in the molding market.
Our technical team can draw upon many years of experience from the multiple disciplines that are required to develop a successful molded product. We analyse the component design of all new projects and apply our experience of 'design for manufacture' to maximize mould ability, minimize second operations, reduce assembly time and simplify tooling - adding value at every stage, resulting in the ideal combination of material, mold, manpower, and machine for efficient and cost-effective production.

Huangyan Plastic Egg Tray Mould Household Injection Moulds Taizhou KELONG PLASTIC MOLD is located in "Chinese Mold Kingdom"-Huangyan, Taizhou, China. It only takes 40 mins from Luqiao Airport and 15mins from Taizhou speed train station by car.

Kelong Mould is specializes in the development of various large-scale injection molds. And involved in all kinds of automotive parts , household , Home appliances and daily necessities molds and provides one-stop service for mold semi-finished products processing and we has established a complete sales network and customer channels in Europe, South America, the Middle East, North Africa, Southeast Asia and other regions.

Kelong teams consist of 55 experienced employees, they engaged in mould design,manufacturing & produce a variety of plastic injection mold with mature team of highly skilled designers, Project Managers,Fabrication Technicians that ensure strictly control all of the project success.

Welcome all the friends come to visit, guide and negotiate business.
Huangyan Plastic Egg Tray Mould Household Injection Moulds

                                  - - - - - - Kelong Mould Workshop - - - - - -
Huangyan Plastic Egg Tray Mould Household Injection Moulds Kelong has lots of high precision tooling machine to ensure the quality of the moulds, like high precision CNC machines, Gao Feng brand from Taiwan. Two heads EDM machine, which is not only working more efficiently but also applicable for huge moulds. High-speed engraving machines can guarantee a fast speed and high precision mould processing, even though it is costlier than normal ones.

There are 3 big die spotting machines that can assemble big moulds instead of the labor force,so that we can get high-quality mould and save time.We have equipped our machines on a product-specific basis with the latest detecting systems, each mould shall bein spected before delivering to the end-user.

Due to strong mold tooling capacity and wide mold tooling range, Kelong special one who challenges the world-leading mold tooling capacity, first- class quality standard and latest mold technology skills.

Kelong imported European tooling equipment to gain high precision molding tooling effect and therefore, keeps the best position of high-quality China mold maker. We strict quality control system also thanks to the CMM equipment that can give fine data feedback for each tooling finished component and insert. See the process inspection report, you can understand Kelong quality and in case the components are not reaching the tooling tolerance standard, it will be either re-tooling or changed to new parts.

Huangyan Plastic Egg Tray Mould Household Injection Moulds

Sample Exhibition Hall

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Huangyan Plastic Egg Tray Mould Household Injection Moulds


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Huangyan Plastic Egg Tray Mould Household Injection Moulds

Mould Production Process

                            - - - - - - Kelong Mould Production Process- - - - - -
Huangyan Plastic Egg Tray Mould Household Injection Moulds



1. Q: Where is your company or factory?
A: We are located in Zhejiang, Taizhou, We have our own factory.

2. Q: Can you make design?
     A: We'll be glad to make designs for you, both product and mould, and for free.
     Complete product 2D & 3D and mould 2D & 3D will supply to clients after order.

3. Q: What type of mould you can make?
     A: We can make all kinds of plastic injection mould, especially rich Experience  on household moulds.

4. Q: What type of files can you accept?
     A: We can accept different types of files such as DXF, DWG, IGS, IGES, STP, PRT, X_T, PDF.

5. Q: What type of steel do you use?
     A: P20, P20 (H), 718, 718 (H), 2738, 2738 (H), H13, NAK80,2344, S136, 4Cr13, S55C,C45#

6. Q: What kind of material you use for test mould and production?
        We have rich experience for manufacturing product with these materials and know  how to adjust Parameter to get the perfect product.

7. Q: How to send sample?
     A: The quotation we offer you including The cost of sample delivery 2 times samples by DHL, UPS, EMS,FEDEX or TNT.


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